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About Us

About Us

“Our aim is to create and promote environment-friendly real estate, develop green living communities, with people in mind and planet at heart.”


Giving value is what we do best.

Finding the RIGHT property. Turning your real estate into LIQUID ASSETS. Managing your INCOME PROPERTIES. Structuring your DEALS. Funding your best INVESTMENT. Bringing in your right PARTNERS. Master Planning your DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS. 

Across the whole spectrum. From cradle to grave. And along the supply chain. WE SERVE YOUR PROPERTY NEEDS. And we take no rest until our last happy customer leaves.

We specialize in Big Lands. Commercial properties. Residential homes. And mixed-use developments, too.

We cater to buyers, sellers, rehabbers, landlords, developers, investors, and project locators.

We believe in the principle of Ubuntu espoused by the late Nelson Mandela– “I am because we are” – and in the process… strive to satisfy the needs of our clients, investors, locators and the larger stakeholders.

Moreover, we espouse a business environment where people and planet profit!


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PRC-REB License No. 5195